Volume 4 No 2-2018


Vol 4 No 2 of J-STEM






A Summer Stem Outreach Program Run By Graduate Students: Successes, Challenges, And Recommendations For Implementation
Daniel Bryan Schwab, Logan Wyatt Cole, Karna Mahadev Desai, Jason Hemann, Katherine Ruth Hummels, Adam Vincent Maltese
Indiana University, USA
Vol 4, No 2, December 2018, PP 117-129
What Does an Engineer Do? Conceptual Changes and Effects of Fellow Engagement on Middle School Students Involved in a GK-12 Program
Vincent R. Genareo, Mari Kemis, D. Raj Raman
Salisbury University, USA; Iowa State University, USA
Vol 4, No 2, December 2018, PP 130-145
Inquiry Beliefs and Practices in an Urban Low SES Elementary Classroom: A Case Study
Boby Jeanpierre

University of Central Florida, USA

Vol 4, No 2, December 2018, PP 146-158
An Exploratory Cross-Sectional Survey Study of Elementary Teachers’ Conceptions and Methods of STEM Integration
Kathryn “Annie” Arnone1, Deborah Hanuscin2

¹Endeavor STEM Education, USA; 2Western Washington University, USA

Vol 4, No 2, December 2018, PP 159-178
Factors Influencing Student STEM Career Choices: Gender Differences
Tandra Tyler-Wood1, Karen Johnson1, Deborah Cockerham2

1University of North Texas, USA; 2Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, USA

Vol 4, No 2, December 2018,  PP 179-192
Curriculum and Instruction at Exemplar Inclusive STEM High Schools
Erin Peters-Burton1, Ann House2, Ed Han3, Sharon Lynch4

1George Mason University, USA; 2SRI International, USA; 3Kipp DC, USA; 4George Washington University, USA

Vol 4, No 2, December 2018,  PP 193-212
The Impact of Engagement in STEM Activities on Primary Pre-service Teachers’ Conceptualization of STEM and Knowledge of STEM Pedagogy
Mehmet Aydeniz1, Kader Bilican2

1The University of Tennessee, USA; 2Kırıkkale University, TURKEY

Vol 4, No 2, December 2018,  PP 213-234


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