Volume 2 No 2-2016


Volume 2 No 2-2016 of J-STEM



The “Big Ideas of Science” for the school classroom: Promoting interdisciplinary activities and the interconnection of the science subjects taught in primary and secondary education
Tsourlidaki Eleftheria¹, Sofoklis Sotiriou¹, Rosa Doran²
¹Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece; ²Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
Vol 2, No 2, December 2016, PP 72-89
Comparing Robert Noyce Scholars and Non-Robert Noyce Scholars Perceptions of Teaching
Jennifer G. Whitfield, Hersh Waxman, & Timothy Scott
Texas A&M University, USA
Vol 2, No 2, December 2016, PP 90-105
A Highly Structured Collaborative STEAM Program: Enacting a Professional Development Framework
Sarah B. Bush1, Kristin L. Cook2, Robert N. Ronau3, Christopher R. Rakes4, Margaret J. Mohr-Schroeder5, Jon Saderholm6

¹University of Central Florida, USA; 2Bellarmine University, USA; 3National Science Foundation, USA;
4University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA; 5University of Kentucky, USA; 6Berea College, USA

Vol 2, No 2, December 2016, PP 106-125


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