First issue of J-STEM

First issue of J-STEM




Designing Curriculum and Instruction for Computer-Supported Complex Systems Teaching and Learning in High School Science Classrooms
Susan A. Yoona, Emma Andersona, Jessica Koehler-Yoma, Eric Klopferb, Josh Sheldonb, Daniel Wendelb, Ilana Schoenfeldb, Hal Scheintaubc, Murat Oztokd , Chad Evansa
aUniversity of Pennsylvania, USA;
bMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA;
cGovernor’s Academy, USA;
dLancaster University, UK
Vol 1, July 2015, PP 4-14
Situational Interest And Learning In A Science Center Mathematics Exhibition
Mari-Pauliina Vainikainena, Hannu Salmia, Helena Thunebergb
aCentre for Educational Assessment, University of Helsinki, Finland
bDepartment of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, Finland
Vol 1, July 2015, PP 15-29
Faculty Perceptions of the Factors Influencing Success in STEM fields
Eshani Gandhi-Lee, Heather Skaza, Erica Marti, PG Schrader, MaryKay Orgill
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Vol 1, July 2015, PP 30-44
How STEM Academy Teachers Conceptualize and Implement STEM Education
Teruni Lamberg , Nicole Trzynadlowski
The University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Vol 1, July 2015, PP 45-58
Stretch, Dream, and Do – A 21st Century Design Thinking & STEM Journey
Maureen Carroll
Stanford University, USA
Vol 1, July 2015, PP 59-70


Re-engineering an Engineering Course: Exploring the Affordance of Flipped Classrooms for Transformative Teaching, Learning, and Workplace Competency
Elaine Khoo , Mira Peter , Bronwen Cowie
Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, The University of Waikato, New Zealand
Vol 1, July 2015, pp 71-76